I would like to express a special word of thankfulness for the following persons, organizations and companies for their contribution to the project:


•   Grande Hotel: documentary made by Lotte Stoops

•   Ferry Verheij Fotografie: for using the beautiful pictures of the Grande Hotel

•   Universidade Eduardo Mondane, Faculty of Architecture and Physical Planning (UEM-FAPF)  for their hospitality and helpfulness

•   Municipality of Beira: the interest of mayor Daviz Mbepo Simango and the contribution of documentation

•   Fransico Ivo: local architect in Beira and involved with the story of the Grande Hotel

•   Casa Re’Om: orphanage house in Inhamizua managed by Jocum Beira

•   PIEIA: Christian organization let by Itamar Fernandez which runs a mission at the Grande Hotel

•   Cruz Vermelha de Moçambique: technician Ines Vasco of the Mozambican Red Cross

•   SH!FT: Diane Arvanitakis of the South African social housing organization

•   CSIR: Dr. Amira Osman of the Sustainable Human Settlements research group at the South African scientific research institute

•   AA Maters: they hosted the masters studio on African Contextual Design in the Baixa of Maputo. Special thank you to Dr. Antoni Folkers.

•   University of Pretoria, Department of Architecture (Boukunde): dean prof. Karel Bakker and Nicholas Clarke for their helpfulness

•   TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture (Bouwkunde)


This is a list of other media that paid attention to the Grande Hotel.



•   Lotte Stoops released in 2010 the documentary Grande Hotel. It was widely acclaimed by critics. Details on IMDB and on the website.

•   Anabela Saint-Maurice of the RTP made in 2007 a documentary about the Hotel together with a revisit of architectf Francisco de Castro.

•   Héctor Mediaville made in 2012 a documentary of three interviews about the occupation in the Grande Hotel.



•   Dutch photographer Ferry Verheij made an intriguing photo reportage of the current living conditions of the Grande Hotel.

•   South-African photographer Guy Tillim added shots of the Grande Hotel in his serie ‘Avenue Patrice Lumumba’. Published in 2007.

•   A photo reportage of Héctor Mediaville, 2012.

•   Juan Manuel Castro Prieto made a photo reportage in 2011.

•   Lisa King's contribution to the Johannes Art Dialogs in 2011.

•   Photo reportage of Mark Lewis, 2011.

•   Reportage of Vlad Sokhin, 2011, published by Agentur Focus.

•   The Delagoa Bay World website has an article about the Grande Hotel with a collection of pictures: 'A Piscina do Grande Hotel na Beira', 'Inauguração do Grande Hotel da Beira, 1955', 'A construção do Grande Hotel da Beira, anos 1950', 'A Beira e a Ponta Gêa', 'O Grande Hotel na Beira, anos 1960'

•   Anonymous photo collection of the Grande Hotel and other old places in Beira.

•   Collection of pictures on Flickr website.



•   CNN Inside Africa reportage 'Former luxury hotel home to thousands of squatters'

•   Gutentag article about a visit to the Grande Hotel in 2007.

•   Reportage about the Health festival in the Grande Hotel by students of the Catholic University of Mozambique in 2011.

•   'A Beira e o Grande Hotal da Beira', a detailed historical description on The Delagoa Bay World, 2011.

•   'We the ones of the Grande Hotel da Beira' by Marta Lança, 2010.

•   'O delírio de um Grande Hotel', a article written by Paola Rolletta for Savanna, 2006.

•   Architect and PhD candidate Silje Solien from Copenhagen wrote an article on her research website about Ilha de Moçambique.


Arctiles whereby I made a large contribution:

•   The English Wikipedia article about the Grande Hotel

•   Architecture In Development had in May 2013 a contribution about the Grande Hotel on their website.